• Education

    Eco Art Classes | Elementary/Middle School Students

    Saturdays 1:30-3pm. Free Saturday eco art classes help children realize their social and environmental impact through a range of media. By sharing personal stories, students will learn to construct their own meaning for “eco art” based on needs and interests, style, and learning pace. Students will collect materials for up-cycling and create new works of art.

    After-School Programs | Middle School Students

    Mon-Fri (except Wed) 3:45-5:30pm. 601 Tully hosts weekly after-school programs for middle school youth.  On Mondays/Thursdays, we have Creative Expression Workshops (CEWs) and on Tuesdays/Fridays we have SmArt Youth Art Programs coordinated by the Office of Engagement Programs.

    Syracuse University Classes | College Students

    Wednesdays 4-7pm. EDU 300/600, taught by Instructor Marion Wilson. This practice based seminar will introduce students to the field of Social Sculpture and various strategies for making site-specific and public art. Through a series of initial progressive creative assignments, students will engage the surrounding community and environment directly in the creation of their work.