• Zeke Leonard

    by  • 4 March, 2013 • Exhibitions

    “I am a furniture designer and maker living in Syracuse, New York. My former career as a theatrical set designer was a continuous cycle of making beautiful things and then putting them in the trash. Now I am trying to reverse that process, by taking cast-off objects and making them into beautiful things. I work on commission, using locally found objects and materials to create one-of-a-kind pieces that will live on for generations. Please feel free to use the “contact” button above to begin a conversation that will bring one of these objects into your life.”

    In the Spring of 2012, Zeke transformed the staircase of 601 Tully into a musical instrument. Using only materials he could fins in a one-mile-radius, he constructed set of five wall-mounted guitars/banjos. These wall guitars were mounted above the banister so that when one descends the stairs, one  can strum a beautiful chords all the way down.“I figured if kids were going to trail their hands on the wall anyway, why not make a beautiful sound out of if?” 

    Check out the video here: Staircase in the key of D

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