• The Trade Show

    by  • 6 December, 2012 • Exhibitions

    The Trade Show

    Economies of Exhange

    November 29 – December 6, 2012

    Featuring:  Allison Heberling, Lea Cook, Sarah Whitehouse, Adele Pedulla, Dan Olken, Jessica Scarfo, Kasey Conlon, Mary Geil, Jian Zhong

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    Trading objects for objects. The Trade Show effectively places artifacts of fine art and design into an alternative economy where mutual exchange becomes the new currency. The show serves as an apparatus for individuals to find an intersection of their individual value scales within the act of exchanging one valuable object for another of comparable significance. Not only does this force us to re-evaluate systems of value, it also makes fine art and design accessible to those previously cut off by economic or social barriers.