• Framed/UnFramed

    by  • 18 October, 2012 • Exhibitions


    Artists with a dual Practice

    September 15- December 11, 2012

    Gallery Hours: M-F 11-5, Saturday 1-4

    Featuring:  Lori Hawke Ramin, Samantha Harmon,  Stephanie Koenig, Lynette Stephenson, Abigail Carter, Marion Wilson, Brother Maars

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    This exhibition of six women artists and one man, from New York, Connecticut and Philadelphia – all in some way break the “frame” of western painting – moving out into the three dimensional world of sculpture, jewery making, book illustration and fashion design and collage.

    In doing so the traditional trappings of art making collapse into: cat food can tops as frames, dyed strings as painted canvas, recognizable cartoon figures inhabit luxury modern and hip apartments; gallery as comfy reading room , under pin pricked chandeliers made of garlic; and gargoyle-esque creatures dressed in hospital garb and klan-esque red caps. Rest on the floor. The gallery is laughing in brightly soaked pinks while taking a one two punch at high art, high design, high prices and high theory.

    In addition each artist in the exhibit can count at least three jobs that split and define their practice. As Lynda Benglis paraphrases in an interview published in the catalog “High Art Painting of the 1970s” – I didn’t assume that history was paying attention, so I set out to define my own parameters of an art practice – in the margins lies enormous freedoms…..”

    Footnote: Brother Mars who recently had a solo exhibit at 601 Tully Gallery said – “A little pink never scared me off” and showed up the next day with his own addition to the Framed Unframed show and we welcome him.